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I came across several gluten free group sites in the New Castle County area.  Since the number of people going gluten free has increased, there must be a demand for such things!  I’m not sure that I have the time to attend any of these at the moment, but I certainly do love a good potluck!  And, I’m ALWAYS looking for delicious gluten free recipes.  If you’re interested, just google “gluten free in delaware” and you’ll find sites like this one – http://glutenfreedelaware.tripod.com/.

I would LOVE to start gathering a list of no fail recipes to pass along.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, it’s difficult to find bread and other items that I’ve spent my life enjoying that compare in gluten free form. I baked the Red Mill Raisin Bread yesterday and to be completely honest, it was awful.  It lacked a sweet taste and the texture was very dense.  It may have been user error, but even with a coat of whipped icing, it lacked luster.  I’ll keep looking!


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