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The gluten free struggle continues in our area, but it’s become a great deal easier over the past few years, for sure. At least people know what I’m talking about now when I go into a restaurant and tell them about my allergy. I recently went to New Orleans and was AMAZED that nearly every restaurant was more than prepared to meet my dietary needs. It was unbelievable, and I wish I had taken pictures of the delectable food I was eating while there. Now that I’m back in DE, I wanted to post two quick things and I hope to post more frequently as I’m sure others are starting this GF journey, while the rest of us are still figuring it out.

1. Sweet Christine’s, my favorite GF bakery has moved, but is still very close to it’s former location. They’re now shipping for free for any orders over 100.00. I personally prefer to go in and get fresh items and then freeze, but that’s just me :). Here’s their site:

2. I went down to Fell’s Point in Baltimore for dinner last night and was unbelievably surprised at this wonderful menu! Gluten free pizzas! Separate fryers for anything gluten free! Various GF breads to choose from! IT goes on! I highly recommend checking it out. There’s a bar side, and a nice little dining side for a date or just a quiet dinner. Link:


And, don’t forget to share any finds you have!!  Thanks so much!






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Relatable Article

Volunteer Group

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I came across several gluten free group sites in the New Castle County area.  Since the number of people going gluten free has increased, there must be a demand for such things!  I’m not sure that I have the time to attend any of these at the moment, but I certainly do love a good potluck!  And, I’m ALWAYS looking for delicious gluten free recipes.  If you’re interested, just google “gluten free in delaware” and you’ll find sites like this one –

I would LOVE to start gathering a list of no fail recipes to pass along.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, it’s difficult to find bread and other items that I’ve spent my life enjoying that compare in gluten free form. I baked the Red Mill Raisin Bread yesterday and to be completely honest, it was awful.  It lacked a sweet taste and the texture was very dense.  It may have been user error, but even with a coat of whipped icing, it lacked luster.  I’ll keep looking!

State Street in Kennett – Gluten free bakery!!

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I just found out about an entirely gluten free bakery!! I am so excited I can barely contain myself. A few bakeries in the area produce one to two gluten free items but nothing that has tasted better than the sweet treats I make at home. I have yet to have texturally sound bread or cookies and trust me I’ve been looking!! I’ll be taking a trip soon and I’ll be sure to let you know how it is!! Here’s the site link SweetChristines
State Street in Kennett has a lot of wonderful restaurants so if you decide to go, it’d be a great place for a lovely dinner out and some of the restaurants are BYOB!!

Brown Rice Tortillas

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I’ve hard a really hard time finding tortillas that I like. I’ve always been a fan of flour tortillas…huge fan, in fact. Whenever my friends would eat the crunchy tortillas with queso or for tacos, I was rooting out the flour tortillas.  Now, those are obviously off of the table.  I have really tried to enjoy corn tortillas: warmed, toasted, loaded with sauces, etc.  Unless they are fried, they just do not cut it for me.  So, I venture around trying various brands (and trust me, when it comes to gluten free – brands MATTER) of different non-flour tortillas.  Good for Life Brown Rice Tortillas are in the frozen aisle.  I have yet to try them uncooked or warmed because I would venture to say they are not texturally sound, but that’s just me.  I ALWAYS use these when I make a quesadilla or burrito because with a tiny bit of cooking spray in a non stick pan, they crisp up nicely and while not flour-esque, they satisfy my next to the best thing fix.These can be found at Giant Food Stores. I am not sure where else, but since my local grocery is Giant, I know they’re there!  Acme does not currently carry them at the Newark location.

Lunch @ McDonald’s – Not Frequent For A Reason

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I had a training for work today so of course, I had about 22 minutes to run out somewhere and grab lunch before returning back to sitting in my seat listening to someone talk  AT me.  I might be exaggerating just a bit 😉  It wasn’t as painful as it sounds.  There were few quick places around and I landed at McDonald’s.  Before the allergy revelation, I didn’t eat fast food very much so I still avoid it most of the time. When I DO head to a fast food joint, it’s usually McDonald’s.  Their ice cream, milkshakes, fruit and yogurt parfait without granola, single patty burgers (no bun of course), and some of the sides are gluten free.  Here’s the link for the list  It’s been tough because some of the locations around the Newark area do not do well with specific directions. I’ve gotten buns on the burger or nuts on the sundaes, etc.  So far, the one I have had the most luck with is the one on Route 7.  The one one 896 in Newark has frequently made mistakes as well as the one on Main Street in Newark.  The one on Main Street gave me a burger with a bun on top. I had requested no bun, but didn’t give specifics about why. I assumed they thought I was being difficult.  At the time, I didn’t really know how sensitive I was.  So, I took the bun off of the burger and ate it. Two hours later, my stomach was in turmoil.  I guess I’m sensitive!  Even though it can be annoying, or even embrassing at times, I would recommend you tell whoever is on the mic that you have an allergy or they might not pay close attention. I learned the hard way, but now I know!

Happy eating!

G.F. Favorites

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