Brown Rice Tortillas

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I’ve hard a really hard time finding tortillas that I like. I’ve always been a fan of flour tortillas…huge fan, in fact. Whenever my friends would eat the crunchy tortillas with queso or for tacos, I was rooting out the flour tortillas.  Now, those are obviously off of the table.  I have really tried to enjoy corn tortillas: warmed, toasted, loaded with sauces, etc.  Unless they are fried, they just do not cut it for me.  So, I venture around trying various brands (and trust me, when it comes to gluten free – brands MATTER) of different non-flour tortillas.  Good for Life Brown Rice Tortillas are in the frozen aisle.  I have yet to try them uncooked or warmed because I would venture to say they are not texturally sound, but that’s just me.  I ALWAYS use these when I make a quesadilla or burrito because with a tiny bit of cooking spray in a non stick pan, they crisp up nicely and while not flour-esque, they satisfy my next to the best thing fix.These can be found at Giant Food Stores. I am not sure where else, but since my local grocery is Giant, I know they’re there!  Acme does not currently carry them at the Newark location.


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