Local Restaurants–Buffalo Wild Wings

January 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

There are a ton of websites out there with blogs and references regarding individual BWW locations.  Here in northern DE, we have the one of route seven and the one in Newark on Elkton Road.  Neither of these locations use a separate fryer to avoid cross contamination. Some sites you will find will say the buffalo chips are gluten free.  At our local BWW, they use the same fryer as breaded items so they are not safe for someone with a gluten/wheat intolerance.  The naked tenders, pulled pork (with most sauces but not all), and the coleslaw are my go-to items when I go.  Most of the staff are unaware of what a gluten allergy is so they might not be able to tell you much about what is safe and what is not.  Here is the link for the official allergen listing for Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants. Note: Items in a fryer are not currently safe at the two locations listed above because they do not use a separate fryer (yet). 



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