It’s been a while, but on we go…

May 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

The gluten free struggle continues in our area, but it’s become a great deal easier over the past few years, for sure. At least people know what I’m talking about now when I go into a restaurant and tell them about my allergy. I recently went to New Orleans and was AMAZED that nearly every restaurant was more than prepared to meet my dietary needs. It was unbelievable, and I wish I had taken pictures of the delectable food I was eating while there. Now that I’m back in DE, I wanted to post two quick things and I hope to post more frequently as I’m sure others are starting this GF journey, while the rest of us are still figuring it out.

1. Sweet Christine’s, my favorite GF bakery has moved, but is still very close to it’s former location. They’re now shipping for free for any orders over 100.00. I personally prefer to go in and get fresh items and then freeze, but that’s just me :). Here’s their site:

2. I went down to Fell’s Point in Baltimore for dinner last night and was unbelievably surprised at this wonderful menu! Gluten free pizzas! Separate fryers for anything gluten free! Various GF breads to choose from! IT goes on! I highly recommend checking it out. There’s a bar side, and a nice little dining side for a date or just a quiet dinner. Link:


And, don’t forget to share any finds you have!!  Thanks so much!





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